This class will be taught by senior Kadampa students of KMC NYC, while Kadam Morten is away over the summer.

Tuesdays, 11:15 - 12:45pm

Freedom From Painful Emotions 

This class is a replay of the Monday evening GP

In Buddhism, painful emotions are known as ‘delusions’. They are called this precisely because they are delusional ways of seeing the world and they distort our perceptions. Therefore, delusions such as anger, desirous attachment, jealousy, and deluded pride are completely unreliable states of mind, guaranteed to create unhappiness for ourself and others. Buddha taught clear methods – based in meditation – for recognizing these delusions and transforming them into healthier, reality-based states of mind. By applying these methods and dismantling our painful states of mind we can remain peaceful and effective in even the most difficult situations. Could there be a more essential life skill?

July 6: How to Deal Skillfully with Painful Emotions with Natalia Darialova
July 13: Transforming Anger - Don't Let it Trick You with Tim Cockey
July 20: Transforming the Pain of Grasping and Attachment with Michelle Valladares
July 27: Transforming Jealousy with Yogi Chauhan 
August 3: Transforming Insecurity with Jennifer Scott
August 10: Integrating Faith, Reason and Doubt with Paige Polisner
August 17: Emptiness, the Ultimate Refuge with Adrienne Weiss
August 24: Giving Happiness with Alice Fox
August 31: Happiness and Enlightenment with Tim Cockey
September 7: Happiness and Enlightenment Part II with Maria Rapetskaya


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Freedom From Painful Emotions 

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