Wednesdays, 7:00 - 8:00pm

The Transformative Power of Love

This class is offered in person only

What is true love? Is it an unattainable ideal or something we can actually experience? According to the ancient wisdom of Buddha, love is not something we “fall into.” Instead, it’s a beautiful state of being we can train in, cultivate and enjoy no matter what is happening to us externally.

In this series, we will explore Buddha’s liberating teachings on what exactly is and is not love, and how to develop and cultivate authentic love in daily life. Through practicing these teachings, all our relationships will become happier and more harmonious, and we will discover the extraordinary key to lasting happiness – our innate capacity for authentic, unconditional and universal love.

March 1 - What is authentic Love?
March 8 - The Magical Key to Harmonious Relationships
March 15 - Transforming Difficult Relationships with Doug Cuomo
March 22 - Authentic Self Love
March 29 - The Power of Universal Love witH Doug Cuomo


Transforming Anger and Conflict

In certain situations, we become triggered and easily develop anger. At these moments, we tend to feel our anger is beneficial, necessary to "win battles", and we can come to rely on it as if it were our trusted friend. However, if we check, the mind of anger is not only very painful, but it leaves a trail of broken relationships, lost opportunities and unhappiness in its wake. According to Buddha, anger is a deluded, unpeaceful mind that distorts our perception, causing us to exaggerate what is arising so that it feels unmanageable. Consequently, much of our life can begin to feel overwhelming, which in turn makes us feel more angry and unhappy, both with ourselves and others. In this series, through talks and guided meditations, Adrienne will explain Buddha's illuminating and practical teachings on how to recognize, understand and let go of anger. Putting these insights into practice will enable us to transform the energy of anger into a centered, skillful and creative response that frees us to discover harmony, resolution, joy and new possibilities.

April 5, Understanding Anger
April 12, A New Way of Responding
April 19, Transforming Pain and Hurt
April 26, A Creative Response to Conflict
May 3, The Power of Love
May, 10 The Wisdom of Self Acceptance


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