Check out all the Classes on Offer at KMC NYC

We are temporarily physically closed but our meditations, classes and community is continuing online. Visit what's on at KMC NYC for all up-coming classes.

Each week, we offer more than 20 classes, of which most are drop-in and perfect for all levels of practitioner. A simple 30-minute meditation is a great class to begin with if you're looking to ease in to meditation. These are offered every weekday lunchtime and after-work on Monday through Thursday evenings. The General Program classes (GPs) are offered every day of the week at our main Center in Chelsea, except for Saturdays. These classes include meditation as well as meditation instruction. GPs are also offered in various neighborhoods in NYC, including Brooklyn and New Jersey.

On Sundays, our GP class runs simultaneously with our Kids class (4 - 9 year olds) and Tweens class (10 - 14 year olds), giving parents the perfect opportunity to meditate without any distraction.

Our Saturday program typically includes special once-off courses and retreats into particular Buddhist subjects. These are usually open to all levels of practitioner, but check each event's page for details.

For those wishing to go deeper, there is the Foundation Program and Teacher Training Program. Both require pre-enrollment and are commitment-based. Each program provides a systematic presentation of particular subjects of Mahayana Buddhism to enable practitioners to deepen their knowledge and experience of Buddhism.  FP class meets once-a-week class, TTP class, twice a week. Students who participate on TTP are training to become qualified Buddhist teachers and help flourish Kadampa Buddhism throughout the world.

For those just wanting to enjoy the beautiful space here at KMC NYC, you have the option to use our meditation rooms and atrium whenever they're not in use for classes.