Moms and Dads, Our Kids Class is Back!

Sundays, 11:00am - 12:30pm

We're thrilled to announce that beginning Sunday, September 11, our Kids Class will be offered once again at KMC NYC. Please read below for further details about this class and how to register. For the foreseeable future, our Tweens Class remains on hold.

Our Kids and Tweens Classes Give Kids the Opportunity to Discover their Own Good Nature

Kids class: 4-9 years
Tweens class: 10-14 years 

Our kids and tweens classes at KMC NYC teach kids how to meditate plus introduce them to foundational Buddhist concepts: how to connect to a sense of inner peace, to identify with our astounding potential, develop compassion and gratitude for the kindness of others, and let go of agitating states of mind like anger and jealousy. Regular attendance at these classes can assist kids with the development of important life skills such as increased empathy, respect for others, self control and concentration.

Buddhist concepts might be deep, but kids understand them. They understand the exponential power of kindness. Sometimes even better than grownups, they connect to their imaginations and realize that we are who we decide to be. They learn that our negative emotions are like clouds passing in the clear blue sky of our minds. These lessons in meditation and Buddhist Dharma can plant seeds in these young minds that will flower for years to come, giving them insight into the power we have to create our own experiences.

Our Teachers

Kids Class

Tweens Class

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