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Discovering the Wonder of the Mind

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In the previous series we saw how meditation is the key to improving our mental health, leading to the recognition that our mind is by nature peaceful and therefore change is possible for all of us.

In this series we will build on this insight investigating how to deepen our experience of inner peace through expanding our understanding of the mind.

Our mind is our greatest natural resource. It is the creator of our entire experience and therefore the key determining factor in whether we are happy or unhappy. And it naturally possesses the potential for vast and lasting happiness and freedom, as well as limitless love, compassion and wisdom. But all too often we fail to recognize the mind for the wonder that it is. We see our mind as limited and relate to it as something fixed and stuck and consequently often feel trapped in painful states of mind.

In this series, Kadam Morten will explain and guide us into the beautiful meditation known as ‘the clarity of the mind.’ Gaining experience in this peaceful meditation is truly life-altering. It gives us an experiential understanding of how our mind creates our reality, and that our reality is much more flexible than we generally realize. Recognizing this empowers us to begin bringing about real change within ourselves with great confidence and joy.

February 20: Getting to Know the Wonder of your own Mind with Kadam Morten
February 27: The Meditation on the Clarity of the Mind with Kadam Morten
March 6: How to Settle a Turbulent Mind with special guest, Kadam Lucy
March 13: The Subtle Mind, our Actual Buddha Nature with special guest, Kadam Lucy
March 20: Change Your Mind, Change Your World with special guest, Kadam Matthew
March 27: The Peace and Flexibility of a Concentrated Mind with Kadam Morten


Special Event & 5-Week Series: We Can Heal the Past

Our struggles with mental health all have their roots in the past. We feel ourself to be trapped in unhappy states and behaviors, and in some cases traumatized and stuck there, due to situations now long gone.

And because we see the past as something that definitely has happened - that is locked in - we feel there is nothing we can do about it. Our various coping mechanisms such as our distractions and compulsions, do not solve the underlying problems, and sometimes make things worse, both for ourselves and those we are close to.

According to Buddha, however, we can completely heal our past. The reasons for this are profound. The past is actually not a fixed thing. Like everything, it depends on our perception.

In this series we will apply Buddha’s powerful and liberating teachings on the nature of the mind and reality to change our experience of the past. These tried and tested methods are immensely empowering. By helping us to let go of those mistaken states of mind that keep us trapped in the past, we are able to reassess our experience from the vantage point of our incredible potential. That which previously held us back becomes the springboard towards real inner growth and fulfillment.

Kadam Morten will explain these profound insights and he will guide us in applying them in meditation so that we can begin to experience their transformative impact for ourselves.

April 3: Special Event
April 10: Understanding how Anger Traps Us
April 17: How Meditation Gives Us the Freedom to Change
April 24: Transforming Past Pain into Fuel for Happiness
May 1: How to Heal Yourself
May 8: The Past to Ongoing Freedom and Happiness


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Discovering the Wonder of the Mind

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Emptiness: The Art of Living

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Change Your Perception

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