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Mondays, 7:00 - 8:30pm

How to Change Negative Patterns of Thought

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This class is rebroadcast on Tuesday at 11:15am (sold separately)

Happiness and suffering are merely states of mind. So, if we are to experience the happiness we all long for we must learn to how to connect with that state of mind and not the ones that causes us so much pain.

Part of this process entails identifying our negative patterns of thought so that we can begin to learn to let them go. This will allow us to actively replace those painful thoughts with the positive states of mind that lead to happiness.

In this series we will explore how we can identify and let go of such pain-inducing patterns of thought such as anger, jealousy, obsession, anxiety and more. Buddha called such minds ‘delusions’ because they are characterized by exaggeration, which leads to them being both unpeaceful and unreliable. Currently, we believe the harmful stories these minds are telling us, both about ourselves and the world. These stories are wrong.

Using the special meditation on the nature of the mind, we will learn how to recognize early on when we are under the influence of these harmful minds so that we will not entrust ourselves to them, but rather let them go. Changing such negative patterns of thought is hugely liberating and will open us up to a whole new joyful and creative way to experience our lives and our relationships.

October 25: Recognizing Negative Patterns of Thought with Natalia Darialova
November 1: Letting Go of Anger
November 8: Dealing Skillfully With Unpleasant Feelings with Tim Cockey
November 15: Obsessing - Mistaking Where Happiness Comes From
November 22: Jealousy Vs. Rejoicing
November 29: Opening up Denial and Repression
December 6: Insecurity Vs. Confidence
December 13: Freedom from Fear
December 20: Ignorance: the Root Delusion with Maria Rapetskaya
December 27: Freedom from Ignorance with Sharon Guskin



The Power to Change

Who do you wish to be five years from now? Not, where do you wish to be in your career or even "what" do you wish to be? But who do you wish to be? A person who is still susceptible to anger? To anxiety? To unhappiness? Of course not. But do you truly believe it is possible to transcend those painful states of mind and the various events and people and circumstances that seem to cause them? Imagine enjoying an ongoing experience of inner freedom, confidence, mental flexibility and happiness. Isn’t that who you would like to be five years from now?

And so the question: Who do you need to be today in order to make this a reality?

If you check, you’ll see that most of the time we just react to situations as they arise. We may have a plan as regards our career or our relationships, but do we have a game plan with respect to our inner life, our inner experience? If we don’t have a vision of who we wish to be it is very possible that we will never become that person. Buddhist teachings give us a clear methodology for bringing about profound change. Learning about these clear steps – known as the Four Powers of Joyful Effort – will give us great confidence in our own ability to bring about that change.

In this series we will explore how to practically apply these four powers to our own life. This is the perfect series with which to begin our new year. If we wish to attain the happy life we long for in these highly uncertain times and to finally become the person we long to be, we need to engage in a process of internal transformation. Buddhist teachings and the practice of meditation enables us to do precisely that.

January 3: A Vision of your Future Self
January 10: Why Change is Possible
January 17: The Power of Wishing
January 24: The Confidence to Change
January 31: Applying Joyful Energy


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