Mondays, 7:00 - 8:30pm

Understand Your Mind, Transform Your Life

Followed by optional Zoom discussions 5 minutes after class (details below)

This class is rebroadcast on Tuesday at 11:15am (sold separately)

If we wish to transform our life we will need to understand our mind. Why is this? It is because how we experience our life depends upon our mind. A peaceful, positive mind experiences things in a peaceful, positive way. However, an unpeaceful mind experiences an unpeaceful, agitated world. This we can know directly, through our own experience.

Can we answer clearly, what is the mind? Or where is it even located? Is it physical or non-physical in nature? Is our current experience of our mind fixed or flexible? According to Buddha, we can learn to experience the nature of our mind directly in meditation. And through meditation, we can come to recognize our mind’s extraordinary potential. In this course we will see clearly how we can easily let go of painful ways of thinking and reacting and instead nurture those states of mind that give rise to happiness and harmonious relationships and that fulfill our deepest wishes.

The meditation on the nature of the mind, also called the Clarity of the Mind meditation, is deeply appreciated by modern-day meditators, not just for its beauty and deeply calming effect, but because it provides us with clear and practical answers to some of our deepest questions. This meditation opens us up to a whole new perspective on life, in which we see clearly the potential for profound and authentic peace and happiness that exists for us and for everyone.

Everyone welcome!

May 9: What is the Clarity of the Mind?
May 16: Understanding Directly our Boundless Potential
May 23: The Unceasing Continuum of Consciousness
May 30: The Beauty of the Meditation on the Mind
June 6: How to Go Deeper into the Mind with Maria Rapetskaya
June 13: Letting Go of Painful Ways of Thinking with Tim Cockey
June 20: Understand Your Mind, Transform Your Life
June 27: How Clarity Helps Us to Understand Emptiness
July 4: No Class
July 11: How Clarity Helps Us to Experience Bliss
July 18: How Clarity Helps Us to Connect to Blessings



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