Mondays, 7:30 - 8:45pm

Upper West Side Meditation Class

Open Mind/Open Heart

According to the ancient wisdom and practice of Buddha, true love is a beautiful state of being that we cultivate through training the mind. In this series of talks and guided meditations, we will explore the profound, expansive and joyful mind of love. By actually mixing our mind with true love in deep meditation, and then carrying that experience into our daily life, we can transform all of our relationships in such meaningful ways. Through this process we discover within ourselves something extraordinary – our capacity for true, unconditional and universal love.

These classes are based on an ancient Kadampa Buddhist text called, Training in the Mind in Seven Points, according to the modern Buddhist commentary contained in Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s wonderful book, Universal Compassion.

September 9: Meditation and Training the Mind
September 16: The Power and Meaning of True Love
September 23: Love and Rejoicing
September 30: No class due to Fall Festival
October 7: Living with an Open Heart


Our general program classes include Dharma teachings along with guided meditations
These classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced meditation practitioners
General meditation classes are given as a series, but can also be taken individually
No special clothing is required
No pre-registration is necessary
Chairs are supplied
Everyone welcome!


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