Q: What is the best way to improve the quality of our meditation?

A: Connect to the blessings of all the Buddhas!

Buddhas exist solely for the purpose of helping living beings reduce and finally eradicate all of their suffering. By connecting to Buddhas' minds we can receive their blessings to quickly transform and actualize our full potential - the state of enlightenment. While all living beings receive Buddha's blessings, we can increase our capacity to receive them. All we need to do is increase our faith and open our hearts.

“One of the best methods to increase our faith in the Buddhas and to receive their blessings is to gaze at an image of a Buddha again and again, regarding it as an actual Buddha who is supremely kind to all living beings. When we see a Buddha statue, for example, instead of thinking of it as an object made of metal or stone, or focusing on its artistic faults or merits, we should feel that we are in the presence of a real living Buddha and develop deep faith. By viewing images of Buddhas in this way, it is as if we are opening a window in our mind through which the blessings of the holy beings can enter. This special way of viewing Buddha images is based on wisdom, not ignorance, and functions to increase our faith and receive blessings.”

-Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Eight Steps to Happiness

Following is a brief introduction to the various Buddhas found on Kadampa shrines throughout the world. Many of these Buddhas are also featured on the shrines at Kadampa Meditation Center NYC.

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