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How Truly to Make the Most of Your Life

Introducing the Life-Changing Mind of Bodhichitta

This class is offered in person only

Continuing with our series on Venerable Geshe Kelsang’s book, The New Eight Steps to Happiness, we will now turn our attention to the development of a truly wonderful state of mind, known as bodhichitta. Training in bodhichitta is how we can truly make the most of our life. This is because although each and every one of us has the extraordinary potential for the lasting happiness and freedom of enlightenment, we will only be able to actualize this potential if we have the wish to actualize it. This wish is bodhichitta, the compassionate intention to be of real benefit to others. In this series we will explore the extraordinary benefits that arise from this single wish, as well as investigate methods for how to develop and maintain it in our daily lives.

September 11: The Astounding Potential Within Us All
September 18: Why We Need Bodhichitta with Kadam Matthew
September 25: How to Develop Bodhichitta
October 2: Making the Most of your Life
October 9: Modern Day Urban Bodhisattva
October 16: The Most Beautiful Mind


Understanding Emptiness Makes Everything Better

According to Buddha, if only we understood correctly how things actually exist, there would be no suffering, there would be only happiness and freedom. Our suffering is arising from our misapprehension of how things exist. It is this ignorance of reality that causes us to develop the delusions of anger and attachment, which in turn cause us to create negative karma, giving rise to yet more suffering. This is why when we understand reality correctly, in other words understand emptiness, everything is better!

In this series, Kadam Morten will guide us through the extraordinary chapter on emptiness from Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s book, The New Eight Steps to Happiness. Through talks, guided meditations, and discussions, Kadam Morten will demystify this often misunderstood topic, and highlight how practical, joyful and creative the practice of integrating emptiness into our daily life can be.

October 23: How Dreams Help Us Understand Reality
October 30: The Emptiness of the Body
November 6: Meditating on Emptiness
November 13: The Emptiness of the Mind
November 20: Our Mind Can Change Profoundly
November 27: The Emptiness of the Self
December 4: Wisdom Blessings (Empowerment Weekend)
December 11: How Everything Teaches Us Emptiness
December 18: How Emptiness Makes Everything Better
December 25: No Class
January 1: New Year, New You!


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