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Freedom at the Heart

The Liberating Journey into the Heart of Reality

Followed by optional Zoom discussion 5 minutes after class (details below) 

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According to Buddha, we all have within our minds the potential to experience limitless joy, love and freedom from unhappiness. This may sound too good to be true and very different from how we normally perceive ourselves. However, our ordinary limited view of our self, the one that we base all our thoughts and actions upon, is not correct. Buddha clearly demonstrates how the painful self we normally relate to is not our truth, and through an amazing meditation, known as meditation on emptiness, he shows us how to let go of that limited version of our self and our world, and open ourselves up to a whole new and wonderful way of being.

In this series of talks and guided meditations Kadam Morten will take us on an extraordinary journey into the true nature of our self and all things. Based on the amazing chapter, Ultimate Bodhichitta in Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s book How to Transform Your Life (download your free copy here), we will take a deep dive into the meditation on emptiness. During these distressing times, discovering the purity and freedom that lies at the heart of our reality is exactly the medicine we need right now.

We are nearing the end of this extraordinary chapter, so during the month of April we will be exploring how Buddhas see reality. This means that we will contemplating the profound experience of the union of the two truths. Gaining insight into reality as experienced by enlightened beings is deeply inspiring. It will increase our confidence in our potential, help us to understand how meaningful and wonderful life can be, deepen our faith in the power of blessings, and in a very practical way, it will help us to relax and enjoy our lives much more.

April 4: How a Buddha Sees Reality
April 11: The Joyful Union of the Two Truths
April 18: Commentary to the Avalokiteshvara Practice
April 25: The Magical Play of the Mind


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