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Sundays, 11:00am - 12:30pm

The Confidence to Change

Rather than feeling insecure, fearful, lazy, angry, depressed, etc., we all want to be more confident, courageous, happy, creative and so forth. But we find it difficult actually to change ourselves and to bring about the changes we long for in our life. Buddha’s teachings on the practice of joyful effort help us to understand what it is we need to change as well as giving us the confidence and skill to bring the desired changes about. Through applying these methods we can begin to have the joyful and meaningful life we all long for.

May 19: The Change We Want: Envisioning and Creating Success with Kadam Morten
May 26: Overcoming Insecurity and Discouragement with Adrienne Weiss
June 2: Choosing Joy, Prioritizing Delight with Tim Cockey
June 9: The Confidence to Change with Gordon Green
June 16: The Key to Change: Relax and Enjoy (A Father’s Day Special) with Kadam Morten
June 23: Sustaining Change with Steve Krantz


A Life of Inspiration

Through meditation we learn how to tap into a natural reservoir of peace and happiness within our own mind. Through this we can connect to an even more bountiful source of energy and inspiration, the energy of enlightenment itself, that is the actual nature of reality. In this series we will learn how through meditation we can harness the energy of enlightenment. In this way we can experience a life of inspiration. We can call upon this deeper wisdom and energy in every facet of our life, but in particular to help us develop spiritually and become the person we really wish to be. These talks and guided meditations will be based around a commentary to Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s beautiful prayer, The Liberating Prayer. Everyone is welcome.
Jun 30: The Source of Inspiration
Jul 7: . What is Enlightenment?
Jul 14: The Light of Wisdom
Jul 21: A Life of Inspiration


Our general program classes include Dharma teachings along with guided meditations
These classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced meditation practitioners
General meditation classes are given as a series, but can also be taken individually
No special clothing is required
No pre-registration is necessary
Chairs and cushions are supplied
Everyone welcome!