Our Future is Now

Harnessing Spiritual Power for Change

Livestream Series

Join us for this special series in which Kadampa meditation teacher, Julie Stewart will explore how we can use this moment of deep unrest as an opportunity for profound change.

$35 for the 5-week series (save $15), or $10/per class, free for supporting members. 


*The online class offered in NYC is available to anyone who would have intended to attend in person at KMC NYC if the Center was currently open.

About the Series


Can Modern Buddhism help with our collective and personal struggle? What are we doing with the powerful feelings and emotions of rage, pain, trauma, shame, to name but a few, that are arising in our own mind? Buddha was a revolutionary spiritual teacher who taught extraordinarily practical and transformative teachings that reveal how to create a new world founded in inner transformation, and he explained that we each have immensely powerful minds, with which we can create an entirely new world.

Buddha’s teachings and meditations challenge social norms, providing everyone – without discrimination –  the opportunity to attain lasting freedom. He presented a path which is based on the equality and interdependence of all living beings.

This series of classes will challenge you, inspire you, and empower you with the confidence to look at these painful minds and transform them into the power of true compassion. They will also give you the confidence to rethink and recreate the world in which you live.

These talks and meditations will help you harness your spiritual power for change.

Friday, June 26: The Power of Your Mind
Friday, July 3: The Power of Our Collective Humanity
Friday, July 10: The Power of Empathy
Friday, July 17: The Power of Action
Friday, July 24: Our Future is Now

Everyone welcome!


Enjoy these videos where Julie explores some of the topics and themes she'll be elaborating on:

About the Teacher

Senior Kadampa Teacher, Julie Stewart  


Julie is a long-time practitioner of meditation through the New Kadampa Tradition and teaches weekly classes in Harlem. She first started attending classes in England many years ago and has since relocated to New York and studies at Kadampa Meditation Center NYC.

Julie's teachings are practical and grounded in experience and many years of meditation. Through her deep insight and wisdom, Julie helps make Buddhist teachings accessible to many. 

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