Mondays, 7:00 - 8:30pm

New Series: A Recipe for Daily Joy

Followed by optional Zoom discussion 5 minutes after class (details below) 

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This class is offered both in person and online. The online class is available to anyone who would have intended to attend in person at KMC NYC if not for the disruption caused by Covid-19.

The next five classes in our ongoing series The Bliss of Tantra

Everyone needs to access authentic joy every day, especially right now! In Buddha’s Tantric teachings we learn how the practice of making offerings helps us to experience a pure joy every day. We learn to combine this joy with the wisdom that understands emptiness so that the happiness we experience is entirely free from grasping and never leads to disappointment. Instead every day we draw close to experiencing the world in the way the Buddhas experience it, as a pure land that is the nature of pure joyful mind.

The focus will be on how the things we see, hear, and experience in our everyday life can all be transformed into profound blissful offerings, elevating our entire experience. This will open us up to a perception of our life that is joyful, meaningful and truly magical!

October 19: How to Develop a Pure Joy Free from Grasping
October 26: Transforming What You See into Pure Joy
November 2: Transforming What You Hear into Pure Joy
November 9: Drawing Close to a Buddha’s Pure Land
November 16: Imagining a World of Joy

The Bliss of Tantra

Buddha’s Tantric teachings, known as Vajrayana Mahamudra, express his highest and ultimate understanding. According to this view, which is Buddha’s direct experience, everything is the union of bliss and emptiness. What does that mean? It means that the heart of reality is joyful and limitless. This is obviously far removed from our current ordinary experience of our life, which is characterized by problems and disappointments.

Through talks and guided meditations, this course will demonstrate the practical applicability of Buddha’s sublime tantric teachings and practices to our daily life. We will come to understand that experiencing our world in this profoundly joyful and liberating way is the key to a truly happy and meaningful life. Kadam Morten will show how to practice these teachings according to our own level of experience, so that those of us already engaged in tantric meditation, as well as those who are just beginning the journey, and everyone in between, will be helped and inspired.


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Offered In Person and Online