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Why This Day Matters

How to Make the Most of Every Day...Even Now

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It’s been almost a year since we put on our masks, separated from each other, and said goodbye to our relatively free existence. Without our rituals of going to work, spending time with friends and family, and co-existing in shared spaces, most of us have had to adapt to a new, shrunken existence. A year into this, the emotional toll is mounting. Everyday is starting to look the same and ‘Covid burnout’ has become a very real thing. How can we feel expansive, connected, and live from a place of possibility and optimism when there’s a sense of mass depletion and bleakness?

Buddha shared specific teachings on how to respond to such challenging circumstances so that instead of taking us into a downward spiral they become the source of deep personal growth. By practicing these methods, our mental attitudes will shift and we will find that our difficult circumstances energize us and ultimately unlock our potential for real happiness, emotional freedom, love, wisdom and more.

Join us for this special talk to learn how to begin living life as a spiritual adventure, in which both our challenges, as well as our joys become the very thing that enable us to grow.

February 22 Special Event: Why This Day Matters
March 1, Week 1 of 5-Week Series: You Have Buddha Nature
March 8, Week 2 of 5-Week Series: Gratitude, Encouragement and Seize the Day
March 15, Week 3 of 5-Week Series: The Practice Known as Training the Mind
March 22, Week 4 of 5-Week Series: How to Tap into Joyful Energy
March 29, Week 5 of 5-Week Series: Life as Spiritual Adventure ... Especially Now


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