Developing Fearlessness – a Weekend Retreat with Gen Samten in the Catskills

Gen Samten Kelsang, Resident Teacher of KMC New York

This retreat at the temple in the Catskills is based on the meditation course at KMC New York City on Saturday, September 15, but you do not need to have attended the course in the city to attend the country retreat. 

What does it mean to be fearless in this world of ours? It means confidence…steadiness…and the ability to help others overcome their own fears. Through meditation we can discover the reservoirs of peace, happiness, and strength that exist within our mind and become completely free from feelings of helplessness. Through confidence, compassion and wisdom, we can help make our world a better place.

Meditation is the first step. Through meditation we begin to discover deep reservoirs of strength and confidence and peace within our mind. This our Buddha Nature, our true nature. Relying on our own Buddha nature – going for real refuge – we become fearless. In this course we will learn methods for tapping into this powerful source of confidence within our own mind. In doing so, we can transform our own life and make this world a better place.

Everyone is welcome to attend this weekend retreat at our national temple in the Catskills.


Weekend Retreat at our Kadampa Temple in the Catskills

Developing Fearlessness with Gen Samten

When: Friday, September 21 – Sunday, September 23, 2018

Registration is open, Book now! Please note this event is not run by KMC NYC. Questions about accommodations, etc. should be directed to KMC-NY at (845) 856-9000 or

Where: Kadampa Meditation Center New York, 47 Sweeney Road, Glen Spey, NY 12737 [Map]

buddhist temple

This weekend course at the Temple is an opportunity to learn and deepen your understanding of the Buddhist approach to developing fearlessness. During the breaks, enjoy meaningful conversation and relax in the beauty and tranquility of nature. Gen Samten possesses a wealth of retreat experience and is skilled in guiding people to meditative insights.

The retreat at the temple in the Catskills will be based upon the meditation course at KMC New York City the week prior, but you do not need to attend the course in the city to attend the country retreat. 

Whether you’re a beginner or simply want to enjoy retreat in ideal conditions, our qualified teachers will help you refresh your mind through meditation. new-window Read more about the away retreat