This event occurs in the past. See below for our upcoming courses, retreats and special events.

Learn the Fundamentals of Buddhist Meditation

If you are curious about the very basics of Buddhism – what is it? how might it apply to your life? – and you also wish to either learn about meditation in general or improve on your current meditation practice, join us for our monthly Fundamentals of Buddhist Meditation course where we will lay it all out for you.

Session 1: Introduction to Buddhism 10:00 – 11:15 am
In Part I of the course you will learn the fundamentals of Buddhist view and how applying these insights in your daily life will increase your ability to navigate relationships skillfully, remain calm even in the face of turbulence, and to enjoy a deeper sense of well-being and happiness.

Session 2: Introduction to Meditation – a Workshop 12:15 – 1:30 pm
In Part II we will explain the basic nuts and bolts of meditation, from why we would want to meditate to the “technical” matters of how to do it. What do we focus on? How long do we meditate? What are some techniques to help us overcome distractions? We guarantee you will emerge from the Workshop a wiser and more skilled meditator!

The workshop includes guided meditations and plenty of time for questions.

Everyone is welcome.




Buddha’s Enlightenment Two-Day Fasting Retreat

April 12 & 13
7:00am start
(Mahayana Precepts)


The Magical Power of Blessings

Saturday, April 20
10:00am – 1:30pm + Q&A
with Natalia Darialova (3)

The Annual Northeast Dharma Celebration

April 26-28
Temple for World Peace, Glen Spey
with Kadam Morten


Heart Jewel Retreat

Saturday, May 4
10:00am – 1:30pm + Q&A
with Kadam Morten


How Best to Die

Saturday, May 11
10:00am – 1:30pm + Q&A
with Kadam Morten


How Not to Stress

Saturday, May 18
10:00am – 1:30pm + Q&A
with Kelly Goedert


Living lightly and Joyfully

Saturday, May 25
10:00am – 1:30pm + Q&A
with Woo Jung Cho


International Kadampa Spring Festival 2024

Accomplishing the Great Wisdom Protection
May 24-29
with Gen-la Kelsang Jampa


A Special OSG Puja Celebrating Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Tuesday, June 4
6:45 – 9:00pm
Everybody welcome!


International Kadampa Summer Festival 2024

Profound Teachings from Buddha’s Heart
July 26 – August 10
with Gen-la Dekyong and Gen-la Kelsang Jampa


KMC NYC Annual Country Retreat, with Kadam Morten

Friday, August 30 – Monday, September 2
Temple for World Peace, Glen Spey
with Kadam Morten


US National Festival 2024

Fearless Heart
September 20-25
IKRC Grand Canyon


International Kadampa Fall Festival 2024

The Gateway to Highest Yoga Tantra
October 25 – November 1
with Gen-la Dekyong


Empowerment Weekend

December 7 – 8
with Kadam Morten
Everybody welcome!