Green Tara Puja Party

When: our next Puja party is coming soon!
Where: Kadampa Meditation Center NYC, 127 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10011

6 – 7:15pm Green Tara Puja | 7:15 – 9pm Refreshments & Party
with Kadam Morten

We begin the evening with a puja; a practice of chanted prayers and meditation associated with Green Tara. She is known as the “Great Liberator” who pacifies all sickness, poverty, misfortune, fighting, and quarreling and causes the Dharma and all good fortune to flourish.

The puja includes a guided meditation, from 6 – 7:15pm, and is followed by refreshments and time to socialize. It’s a casual opportunity to get to know our Resident Teacher, Kadam Morten and other members of the ‘sangha’, our community here at the center. You may bring an offering of food or drink if you wish. Vegetarian food and desserts will be served after the puja.