Weekly Classes in Long Island City

Classes Every Wednesday

CUNY School of Law
2 Court Square
7pm – 8pm

$10 per class; free for Supporting Members

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Transforming Problems and Conflicts

We long for a life without problems. Consequently we respond to difficulties by becoming angry, resigned or depressed. According to Buddha the only way to become free from problems is by learning to transform them. We can do so by learning to respond to problems with positive minds such as love, acceptance, compassion and wisdom – the very minds that are the foundation of a joyful and meaningful life.

In this course we will learn simple but effective methods for transforming our problems and conflicts into our spiritual training. These talks will be based on the legendary advice given over 1200 years ago by Shantideva in Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life and on Geshe Kelsang’s modern commentary How to Solve our Human Problems.

  • Apr 26             Identifying the Actual Problem
  • May 3               What is Anger?
  • May 10            Understanding the Faults of Anger
  • May 17            Anger Doesn’t Work
  • May 24           The Power of Acceptance
  • May 31            What the Problem Teaches Us
  • Jun 7                 New Series Begins

Weekly guided meditations and Buddhist teachings in Long Island City are suitable for both beginners and more advanced meditation practitioners.  These classes offer meditation techniques and teachings on the fundamentals of Buddhism, with an emphasis on their practical application in everyday life.

Although these meditation classes are given as a series, they can also be taken individually. Please feel free to drop in on a class-by-class basis.

Classes are held every week unless otherwise stated.
No special clothing is required. No pre-registration required. For more information  all (212) 924-6706

By Subway
E or M train to Court Square-23rd St.
7 train to Court Square
N and W trains to Queensboro Plaza

From Woodside LIRR station, take Manhattan-bound 7 train to Court Square
From Hunter’s Point LIRR station, take Queens-bound 7 train one stop to Court Square