New Year’s Eve 2021

Every New Year’s Eve at KMC NYC is about starting the year in the way we intend to live it…


Spotlight on our Sangha: Manale

Manale’s journey to finding what she had always longed for


What is True for Us is Also True for Others

Everyone wants to be happy all the time, but so few people actually are. Many of us may not even believe that lasting happiness is possible. According to Buddha, we…


Kadampas in New York City – Let’s Meditate!

For the 2020 International Kadampa Summer Festival, we created this video of our KMC NYC Center to be shown to our Sangha throughout the world. Enjoy! Let’s meditate!


KMC NYC Response to Covid-19

KMC NYC’s Response to COVID-19


Spotlight on Our Sangha: Tamara

Tamara shares how compassion has transformed a very important relationship in her life


Spotlight on Our Sangha: Lee

Lee’s journey into Buddha’s teachings and his radical shift in perspective


Spotlight on Our Sangha: Miri

How Miri used Buddha’s teachings to bring change to a difficult relationship

Gen Menla - Teaching in Chelsea

Gen Menla Visits NYC

We were thrilled to host Gen Menla in NYC just two weekends ago…
Come back soon Menla!


The Kadampa World Peace Temple and Retreat Center in Arizona is Open!

…and it really couldn’t be more beautiful!


KMC NYC Through the Years

Join us as we retrace our steps over the last 25 years to make it to where we are now!


Spotlight on Our Sangha: Alexarya

Alexarya shares when Dharma has made a real difference in her life


Spotlight on Our Sangha: Rebecca

Rebecca’s good fortune in discovering KMC NYC


Spotlight on Our Sangha: Saran

Saran’s experience of Buddha’s teaching on the web of kindness


KMC NYC’s Annual Country Retreat with Kadam Morten

KMC NYC’s Annual Country Retreat with Kadam Morten in the Catskills


Spotlight on Our Sangha: Alex

Alex and the feeling of protection that only Dharma can give


Celebrating 25 Years of Kadampa Buddhism in NYC!

It’s Time to Celebrate! 25 Years of Kadampa Buddhism in NYC


Buddha Amitayus Empowerment

Every empowerment is special at KMC NYC. The empowerment of Buddha Amitayus was no exception


US Festival 2019

US Festival 2019 and the empowerment of Medicine Buddha


Spotlight on Our Sangha: Justine

Talking Meditation & Buddha, Dharma, Sangha with Justine