Spotlight on Our Sangha: Marc

Apr 15, 2019


For someone who has a hot temper and is opinionated, I’ve found Dharma to be a tremendous boon — it’s a wonderful gift. It equalizes everything, and I’ve needed that.

The amazing thing to me is the dissipation of anger. I connected with the idea of welcoming the delusions. I remember getting angry at something and I thought “There it is, the mind of anger!” and I started to laugh. You can’t laugh and be angry at the same time. Of course it came back but I said “welcome back!” It’s revolutionary to think of obstacles as teaching tools. I use that thinking all the time.

Out of not reacting comes compassion and love — it blossoms out of it naturally. If you don’t react and set yourself apart then you eventually see we’re all basically the same. Whatever mistaken appearance we’re concentrating on isn’t relevant. What’s relevant is that we’re completely alike. That’s a wonderful thing.

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