Spotlight on Our Sangha: Sara

Oct 21, 2018


My favorite thing about Buddha’s teachings would have to be emptiness. Realizing this is all a dream – this life, this world, even me – feels magical to me, like sci-fi. It puts everything in perspective.

When I have an angry mind or feel fearful, it’s like I’m down in the nitty gritty looking at all the muck, but when I remember emptiness, and that my mind is projecting whatever is happening, it brings me right out.

So whatever the thought is that I’m fighting against, if I say to myself “This is not what it appears to be, Sara. You actually have countless ways you can look at this situation, it could even end up being a good situation,” then I feel instant relief, and so much freedom in my mind.

Emptiness also has that quality of keeping me in the present moment. All that worry is future stuff. It hasn’t happened yet. It doesn’t exist so it’s pliable and workable.

It doesn’t mean I don’t address what’s going on in my life. It’s just that I realize there’s no point in getting crazy about things.

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