The Countdown Has Begun

A truly historical event will take place in September this year.

Have you registered for Fall Festival?


What's Your Why?

We anticipate more than 100 KMC NYC'ers will make the trek to Arizona to join the thousands of Kadampas from around the world who will also be there. Why are we making the commitment to be there? Check out some of our "Whys" below.

If you have the wish to attend but you're not sure how to get there and/or who to travel with, contact us, and we'll do our best to connect you with others also planning to attend.


"I always go to Fall Festival. I understand clearly what Geshe-la means when he says that festivals are our spiritual holiday. I'm surrounded by fellow practitioners that sometimes I only see once a year from all over the world. Each Fall Festival is unique unto itself. This one specifically, the fact it's in conjunction with the opening of a Temple. I find that extremely powerful to know I'm going to be part of that. It's that visual in my mind of seeing the flourishing of Dharma that is so motivating" 


"There's a new fully qualified Buddhist temple nestled in the magical atmosphere of the Grand Canyon. At the end of September it will be filled with open hearts from all over the planet radiating love and compassion - all there for for the same reason -  to receive this precious wisdom *together* 😍 That's why I'm going👌"


"I wouldn't miss this Festival for anything! It's the oral instructions of Geshe-la's newest wisdom. Also, I'll be going because I am a lineage holder and I need as many transmissions directly from my Guru as I can have. Also I love to be with my Sangha in other places besides the Center. It feels like a journey to the pure land - in the place I am my most pure self." 


"I’m interested in going to the Fall Festival because this may be one of the last times where I have the opportunity to receive teachings directly from Geshe-la in this life, and I know it will help me deepen my bond with my Spiritual Guide, which may be the only relationship that continues when I die."


"There are three reasons I'll be attending this Festival. Firstly, a new Temple is appearing in this world, as a representation of a Pure Land. Secondly, receiving the special teachings of Geshe-la, through an oral transmission helps me to deepen my own practice and transformation. And lastly, every Festival for me is so very special, because it is a gathering of like minded who show an example of how our world could actually be, with the presence of Geshe la’s teachings."


"I want to go to Arizona for many reasons. The opening of a Temple, which is something I have never experienced. The meeting of Sangha from all over the world, and the teachings of a new book."


"For me this is a pilgrimage to a deeper sense of peace and internal calm. I'm going specifically for the direct transmission of Geshe-la's new opus. As with any Kadampa festival, this will no doubt be an opportunity to bathe in mental and spiritual happiness and a chance to rid myself of pain and negativity."


"I'm going to Fall Festival because I find festivals renew my wish to practice Dharma with more sincerity and devotion. Fall is a big deal  - they're opening a new Temple and it's super auspicious and amazing to be able to be there. Plus I'm going to see my friends from all over the world because Kadampas from everywhere will be there"  


"I'm going because there are some events on the Kadampa calendar that are not to be missed. The opening of a World Peace Temple is one such event - it's an historical moment. To be part of that is beyond special. Also to receive the precious oral transmission of Geshe-la's latest book is unspeakable incredible good fortune. I won't be missing any of this!"


"For me it's an extraordinary rare moment - we're opening a temple in the Western United States and the implications of that are huge - bringing peace and happiness to that part of the world and beyond. It's going to be an extraordinary celebration."


"For me, it's like being with my extended family - the international Kadampa family and connecting in our new home - the new World Peace Temple, a place I've never been before (the Grand Canyon)"


"I like to go to festivals because I get a lot of blessings and the teachings go deeper for me. I need to go to Fall Festival specifically because there'll be teachings on Geshe-la's new book. I definitely can't miss this festival!"


"One of the most extraordinary experiences I've had was the opening of our Temple upstate. It still moves me when I think about it. I would be insane to pass up such an opportunity. It's not everyday a Kadampa World Peace Temples opens and once again this one's opening in our backyard."


"At the summer festival in 2009, Venerable Geshe-la asked us to keep coming to festivals. I made a promise to make it to every summer festival even if I just get there for a few days. Based on what he said and my experience, I think it’s crucial that I attend festivals in order to maintain the Tradition. I'm going to attend Fall Festival specifically because this year's is a big one - temples don’t open every year. It’s a historic moment for the tradition and I consider my effort an offering to the Tradition and thus to my Guru. Plus it’s going to be super fun: the locals won’t know what hit them 😂"


"At this Festival there'll be the first public teachings on the Mirror of Dharma and Geshe-la has said that we can consider the transmission through Gen-la Dekyong and Gen-la Khyenrab as a transmission from him. That's not to be missed" 


"I'm going for the transmission of The Mirror and Dharma and it's so joyful to be there for the opening of the International World Peace Temple"


"I'm going for the opening of a new Temple, and the transmission of a new book. This feels like such a powerful opportunity - a new door opening in the west. I can feel the positive energy already"


"I think festivals help protect our Tradition. I love experiencing a similitude pure land which happens when you're in a community that functions on the basis of compassion, and other Buddhist teachings and methods."