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KMC: How old are you and how long have you been coming to the Center?

Alexarya: I'm ten now and I've been coming here my whole life.

KMC: When was the first time you can remember being here?

Alexarya: There was a party to open the new center [the KMC temple on 24th Street was opened in October 2012.]

KMC: What's it like growing up with Dharma?

Alexarya: It's amazing. When people freak out about things I know the Buddhas are with me so I don't need to because there's no problem. I feel very comforted by them.

KMC: Can you share with us a time when you've felt really comforted by them?

Alexarya: Yes! Sometimes we have these drills where you have to go into this tiny corner in the classroom just in case someone comes in. Once I was in the bathroom at school and my principal knocked on the door. She said who's in there. I told her, it's Alexarya. She said lock the door and don't move. She then turned out the lights and left. I didn't know if this was a practice drill or if something bad was happening. Straight away, I took my mala bracelet off my wrist and started saying mantras to Tara which made me feel fine.

KMC: How does the mantra go?

Alexarya: [Om] Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

KMC: How do you think you would have been without Buddha Tara and her mantra?

Alexarya: I would have been so scared. It turned out it was just a practice though.

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