Spotlight on Our Sangha: Rebecca

Jul 21, 2019


I first came to a class at the Center after hearing a friend rave about the teachings. It was January 2002, not long after 9/11. My first class was called Firefighters of the Heart. It was all about Bodhisattvas. Everything Kadam Morten said resonated with what was going on in my life – I’d been looking for this my whole life. The next morning I felt like I floated to work – so high, so good. It wasn’t long before I was attending classes after work and on weekends. Soon enough, I joined the Foundation Program and eventually the Teacher Training Program which I’m still on today.

Once, many years ago, before I found the Dharma I remember opening a fortune cookie that said my dearest wish would come true. I remember at the time, that really threw me for a loop – I didn’t know what my dearest wish was! Now I can say that’s easy – I wish to realize emptiness and achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all. Can I achieve this? Sometimes it’s a challenge to believe it’s possible but then I think of Venerable Geshe-la and what he’s done and continues to do for us – how clear he’s made the spiritual path. His example really gives me hope that this is possible.

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