Kadam Morten is Visiting Boston this Weekend (Check out the Video)

Oct 27, 2023

Connect with Your Potential with Kadam Morten

If you’ll be in the Boston area this weekend, check out Kadam Morten’s talk at KMC Boston.
Learn more about the Saturday evening special event by watching the video below or visit the class page here.

Video Transcript

This morning I passed a guy who had a t-shirt on that said the best things in life are not things. Which made me smile. So what are the best things in life? The best thing in life actually is the experience of happiness, of love, of kindness, of compassion, of connection, of real inner joy … that’s what we’re all looking for, isn’t it? So all of these things are actually states of mind.

So if we want the best things in life it actually stands to reason that what we want to do is find out how to tap into those states of mind that, according to Buddha, we all naturally have. So we want to tap into those states of mind, learn how to access them, and then how to nurture them, and that’s that’s what we do when we practice meditation. So that’s why we can say that meditation is the special method taught by Buddha that will enable us to access our potential, our potential for all the best things in life. Because all of us already have the experience of love, the experience of compassion, the experience of joy, but right now instead of focusing on them we end up focusing on limitations or neediness or unhappiness, or a sense of smallness. We grasp at that and we feel, i don’t have much potential, I can’t can’t find the things i want, so doesn’t it stand to reason that what
we really want to do is actually learn to practice meditation where we can nurture our potential?

And we come to an extraordinary discovery that our mind is actually limitless limitless. Just like this ocean that we’re looking out at right now, and just like this limitless boundless ocean, our mind is limitless and boundless. So we have a limitless potential for all the best things in life, a limitless potential for boundless joy, love, compassion, wisdom, happiness.

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