Learn to Meditate Workshop

The Purpose

The benefits of meditation are now widely recognized. Spending a little time every day learning to connect with your own mind can help you in every area of life - both physically and mentally. It will also help you access your greatest potential -- to experience pure happiness, and become the best version of yourself you are capable of being.

So how do you begin a practice? Meditation is not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, it feels surprisingly natural once you get going. The key is to start off on the right step. And that's why we host our monthly meditation workshop - to help set you up for success.




All Levels of Practitioner Welcome

Every one of Buddha's teachings was given in the service of strengthening our meditation practice and helping us to take to heart his life-changing wisdom. Coming to a regular General Program class at the Center, you'll be exposed to some of this wisdom. But what do you do with that if you don't really yet know how to meditate? 

No problem. In this class we focus on the actual process of meditating.

What You will Learn:

How to settle the mind effectively before beginning your meditation session

How to meditate with confidence

The mechanics of basic meditation (breathing techniques; basic visualizations),

Why meditation helps calm the mind to reduce mental distractions, as well as various tips for how to do this

An introduction to key meditation concepts, such as "object of meditation,” as well as the stages of analytical and placement meditation, and how contemplation takes us to an insight or an experience that then becomes the object of our meditation.

Next Workshop

Our Learn to Meditate Workshop is offered in conjunction with our Introduction to Buddhism class. Together, these two classes run for a half-day and are offered at the Center once-a-month as our Fundamentals of Buddhist Meditation course.

You are welcome to attend both classes or simply the meditation workshop. We recommend taking the two classes together so that you come away with a holistic understanding of what's possible in meditation and the methods to make it happen.

For more information or to register for the course, visit our Fundamentals page.