Who Could You Be?

Every month, we offer an Introduction to Buddhism class which goes further into the Buddhist perspective on human potential, and how we can each incorporate these methods into our own lives in order to open our hearts and actualize what's possible.

According to Buddha, we each have an extraordinary potential for enlightenment – a state of limitless peace, happiness, love and wisdom through which we can be of immeasurable benefit to others and to our world.

The Bodhisattva's Path

The best way to awaken and actualize this potential is to emulate the life of a bodhisattva. Bodhisattvas identify with their limitless potential and gradually draw closer to enlightenment through their heartfelt life of improving themselves and benefiting others.

So how do we make our own present life resemble the life of a bodhisattva and thereby awaken our own extraordinary potential?

This is why we need Buddha's wisdom teachings. During his life he gave 84,000 teachings on how we can each follow the spiritual path to awaken our good heart and achieve our highest potential.

Introduction to Buddhism makes up the first half of our Learn the Fundamentals of Buddhist Meditation course.

Learn about this course and register online by visiting the course page.

Everyone welcome.