These days more than ever, the daily challenges and stresses of the workplace can take a toll on both our mental and physical well-being. The mind becomes muddy. Effectiveness plummets. The work environment suffers.

The Clear Mind at Work Program is designed to address all of these issues through incorporating meditation techniques, empowering you and your employees to operate at peak performance. Peacefully.  There’s no need to let your mind veer off into unhelpful places. Basic foundational meditation will sharpen your mind and bring you to a feeling of deep clarity and confidence. Engaging with meditation brings a flexible and create mind to problem-solving and helps one become a better listener and communicator

It is not difficult. In fact, it is so easy.

Program Structure

Our Clear Mind at Work program consists of 1-3 meditation sessions with your team.

We are able to conduct the sessions in your workplace, however the program is best experienced at our Center in Chelsea, using one of our meditation rooms.

Sessions cover one of the following topics:


Your Mind and Your Intention


The Wisdom of Flexibility


Be Grounded, Be Confident

Kind Words About Our Program


Variable. We can discuss the cost with you once we know your specific needs.


The Clear Mind at Work Program is run by Wall Street investment manager Adam Seessel. With more than 30 years experience working in journalism and finance, Adam knows first-hand the demands of New York’s corporate market and the potential for stress in the workplace. Adam turned to meditation in the late 1990s in order to seek some internal relief from the demands of his high pressured job. Having studied and taught Buddhist meditation for close to twenty years, Adam is convinced that meditation has helped him find “the middle way between professional success and personal happiness.”

The rest of the Clear Mind at Work team consists of various senior Kadampa practitioners who live in the NYC region and who know the realities of corporate life in New York City…and of life in New York City generally.


What Now?

[ 1 ] If you are interested in learning more about the Clear Mind at Work Program, fill in the form below, outlining your specific needs.

[ 2 ] We will then contact you to establish the scope of your program, the number of participants, the location, the number of engagements, etc.

[ 3 ] We will discuss with you any additional matters relevant to your specific program, conclude the preparations and hit the “on” switch.


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