This class takes place at KMC Williamsburg Branch

Wednesdays, 7:00 - 8:00pm

Ignite your Potential

$10, free for supporting members

There is no replay available of this class

When we meditate on the clarity of the mind, we experience a deep inner tranquility and peace. It actually has infinite benefits – from calming our mind and helping us to dissolve away distractions, worry, and stubborn mental habits; to improving our concentration and mindfulness; to preparing us for a realization of the ultimate nature of things; to increasing our bliss and the ability to realize directly our own very subtle mind; and, finally, to attaining actual enlightenment. As Buddha Shakyamuni said: If you realize your own mind you will become a Buddha; you should not seek enlightenment elsewhere. This series is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to do this meditation with Joseph.

April 7: Ignite Your Potential
April 14: Settling into Clarity
April 21: Your Mind is Like the Sun
April 28: Still Ocean Mind
May 5: The Silk Thread of Mindfulness
May 12: The Pure Eagle of Concentration
May 19: Relax and Enjoy, the Art of Letting Go


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