The Kadampa World Peace Temple and Retreat Center in Arizona is Open!

A magnificent new Kadampa World Peace Temple is now officially in this world.

The opening of the temple took place on the eve of the 2019 International Fall Festival at the end of September. This is only the fifth traditional Kadampa Temple in the world.

Temples are an important part of the New Kadampa Tradition, one of the primary reasons being the benefit they bring to everyone who sees them. Geshe Kelsang has said "Whoever sees a Temple or an image of Buddha will receive the blessings of Buddha. There is no difference with regard to Buddhists and non-Buddhists – anyone, whenever they see an image of Buddha, or a Temple, will receive blessings. Therefore I can say that from my side, or from our side, this is the best public benefit or public service."

Given that the Temple is visible from Route 66 - the gateway to the Grand Canyon, millions of passersby will see it every year. This means that countless beings for many generations will stand to benefit.  For more information, visit the International Kadampa Retreat Center website.

Check out these photos showcasing the beauty inside the temple:

...and our Sangha community enjoying the festival: