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This is a truly amazing place. It is so warm and welcoming. They have a bunch of wonderful classes you can attend at various times. It's also the quietest place I've ever been to in the city. I'm new to meditation but I felt really at home here. I sat in on a guided meditation which was wonderful. I highly recommend this meditation center. So happy I found them!

Amanda Diaz

Came here for a new year's meditation. The person guiding the meditation was super informative and relaxing and helped set a foundation for my new year's resolutions. I would love to come back to work on being more mindful and present.

Abe Kipnis

Wonderful Center, very welcoming and friendly for beginners, profound teachings that are made amazingly accessible and relevant plus instructions on time-tested meditation techniques that have a positive impact on you and those around you, not just make you feel good.

James French


Such a special, surreal and wonderful environment. I will certainly be recommending this as the number 1 place to learn to meditate, considering that I have been around.

Molly StudyDream

From the first time I walked in, I knew I made the right choice. The Tuesday night session at 7pm is something I look forward to. I encourage everyone visiting at least once.

Premier Paralegal, LLC

Hands down the most profound teachings and mediations in NYC. The teachers are incredible, the location is super convenient and the space feels spacious and clean. A very welcoming atmosphere. Highly recommend.

Jenalee Tsimara

This is a great place for learning meditation. It's inexpensive, has different classes every day, and the teachers are great.

Cristina Fuser

I went for the first time today and the lunchtime meditation was amazing. I felt so relaxed and peaceful after. Thank you. I will return. The space is modern, clean, quiet and spacious.

Sara Blackburn

Such good energy. A positive bastion!

Patrick Christensen

Beautiful, peaceful space with great programs. My second time attending a weekend retreat with Kadam Morton and I'm always impressed and get a tremendous amount out of time there.

Andrew Michael Nolan

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