Foundation Program Teachers

Sara Wendt

Sara Wendt, foundation meditation teacher, Monday night

Sara teaches the Monday Foundation Program class at KMC-NYC. An accomplished singer-songwriter, Sara has been closely involved in many of the musical celebrations both at KMC-NYC and at the US, UK, and International Kadampa Festivals.


Miri Renner

Miri teaches the Wednesday Foundation Program class at KMC-NYC. A long-time practitioner, she first started attending Dharma classes in England. Miri presents these thoughtful teachings in a very practical and light-hearted manner.


Teachers at the Main Center & Other Locations

Steve Krantz

Steve teaches the Wednesday night Developing the Habit of Meditation” class. He has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for 15 years. He also performs comedy with his wife Naimah.


Naimah Hassan

 Naimah teaches a weekly Tuesday evening class, “Reality Check, Getting It Right.” She  is know for her heartfelt approach to Dharma teachings. Naimah is an actress, licensed theater teacher, and improv and audition prep coach. She also performs comedy with her husband Steve.


Julia Strohm

Julia Strohm, meditation teacher upper west side

Julia has been teaching Buddhist meditation on the Upper West Side for over eleven years. Although interested in Buddhism since she was a teenager, it was the teachings she encountered at KMC-NYC that inspired Julia to commit fully to her meditation study and practice. Julia is now inspiring others with her clarity and warm enthusiasm.


Paige Polisner

Paige Polisner, meditation teacher upper east side

Paige teaches meditation at the Upper East Side meditation class.  She also works as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at the Lexington School for the Deaf in Queens, where through the use of American Sign Language she provides individual counseling for students, and also teaches meditation and Peace classes.


Joseph Giacona 

Joseph Giacona, meditation teacher in Williamsburg

Joseph is the teacher at the Williamsburg meditation classes. He’s also an Doctor of Acupuncture, a healer, a practitioner of naturopathic medicine and runs his own healing business in Williamsburg. Joseph enjoys integrating Buddha’s teachings on using the mind to heal the body into his healing practice.


Alex Bonano

Alex Bonano, meditation teacher in Astoria

Alex was born and raised in Washington Heights, NYC. She is fluent in both Spanish and English. At the age of 10, Alex found out about Buddhism from her sister-in-law. Through the years she kept that encounter close to her heart. She was deeply inspired to practice and study meditation while attending meditation classes at KMC NYC. She is now is happy to be teaching in Astoria every Sunday.


Tim Cockey

Tim Cockey, meditation teacher: An Introductory Course to Meditation on how to meditate.

Tim makes his home on the Upper West Side, where he and his co-vivant, Julia Strohm, have been running the Upper West Side meditation class of KMC-NYC for over eleven years. He also teaches the monthly How-To-Meditate workshop at the Center. Tim is a fiction writer who to date has published eight novels. His skills with storytelling inform his presentation of the Dharma, giving clarity and humor to his teachings.


Alice Fox

Alice is a Physician Assistant specializing in end-of-life care. She finds Buddha’s teachings especially relevant to her work and ability both to help those who are dying and to bring pertinent examples from her work into her teachings at KMC-NYC. She makes her home in Washington Heights and enjoys studying on the Teacher Training Program.


France Roy 

France Roy, meditation teacher in Jersey City

France is a technology executive who has lead teams with hundreds of software engineers. He currently teaches the Jersey City meditation class on Sundays. He has studied on the Teacher Training Program and taught meditation and Buddhism classes for over a decade. His teachings emphasize integrating Buddhist wisdom into daily life and especially into the workplace.


Katy Brennan 

Katy is a New York native, teaching the East Village meditation class. A freelance writer, Katy brings a sense of narrative and humor to her classes, often drawing on scenes from daily life to illustrate how practical Buddha’s teachings can be. Interested in Buddhism since childhood, Katy became inspired to practice and study meditation whole-heartedly during her first class with Kadam Morten in January 2006. She takes great delight in sharing her abiding love for dharma with others.


Jen Caruana

Jen is the teacher at our Hoboken branch.  A classical singer, Jen has performed with opera companies and major orchestras across the United States and Europe. She was introduced to dharma 15 years ago through a branch class in Brooklyn (now Vadjradhara Meditation Center) and has been studying and practicing ever since. Jen currently works for an arts nonprofit where also she teaches lunchtime meditations.

Sarika Bajoria

Sarika is an architect and interior designer and runs her own multidisciplinary design practice in NYC and India.  Drawn to Buddhism since childhood, she brings in both a sense of visual narrative and cross cultural experience to her classes while emphasizing the practical integration of Buddha’s teachings to transform the challenges in our daily lives.


Taz Tagore

Taz has experience in both the for- and non-profits worlds,  working on Wall Street, in strategy consulting and in experiential architecture/design.   She has worked with homeless youth and adults in the U.S., Canada and India with great enthusiasm for most of her life.  She currently leads meditation retreats for homeless and foster youth, as well as for leaders in the Social Services sector in New York City.  Taz brings her love of creativity, transformation and leadership to her teachings.


Sharon Guskin

Sharon Guskin

Sharon is honored to be teaching Meditation for Tweens and is happy to invite school groups to the center for meditation classes geared toward youth (contact A mother herself (two boys . .  say no more!) Sharon has been studying at the Center for over three years and has found that Geshe Kelsang’s accessible approach to the Dharma is incredibly useful for New York City teenagers. Sharon is also a writer and a published novelist.

Adam Seessel

AdamSeessel2015Adam helped to spearhead and teaches the Clear Mind at Work Program classes, which takes Dharma into the workplace.  A Wall Street investment manager, with more than 30 years experience working in journalism and finance, Adam knows first-hand the demands of New York’s corporate market and the potential for stress in the workplace. A practitioner for over 15 years, Adam believes that meditation has helped  him find the “middle way between professional success and personal happiness.”

Adrienne Weiss

Adrienne is a script consultant for film and television, a feature filmmaker, and she teaches Directing Actors in private workshops and at the Columbia University Film Division.  She has been a student of Kadam Morten since 2002 and has experienced her life and work being completely transformed through putting Kadam Dharma into practice. Adrienne brings great joy, clarity, humor and practicality to her teachings.


Justine Volesko

JJustine2016-400pxustine is an active volunteer at KMC-NYC where she co-operates the recordings department by editing and archiving the teachings given at the center. Having discovered Geshe Kelsang’s teachings in 2005 she has studied and taught Kadam Dharma for the past decade. She currently guides lunch time meditation here at the center. Her experiences as a healthcare practitioner and as a stay-at-home mom have helped bring a deep level of compassion and love to her practice and teachings.

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