Spotlight on Our Sangha: Alex

Jun 13, 2019


I’ve been around these teachings for a long time. What I love is the sense of clarity they give me. When I first started coming, I was working as an anthropologist, looking at racism and sexism. It was all about looking at the problem. Nothing else other than Dharma has ever been able to explain to me what causes problems and how to solve them.

I’m still around all these years later because the teachings have never not helped. Even when I feel angry and discouraged if I remember to turn to the Dharma my mind relaxes and I have so much more clarity about things.

I remember a time I was struggling with my mother. I remember thinking what if I try just being there for her, and dropping my expectations. What if instead of focusing on what she doesn’t do for me, I think about how her happiness matters, and how just like I hope she won’t be mean to me, she is hoping that I won’t be mean to her. That trip ended up being the easiest time we’ve spent together!

The Dharma is mind protection. There’s nothing else – no food, no person, no environment that is going to give me the feeling of protection that practicing Dharma gives me. Plus, it doesn’t matter where I am or what problem arises I can always practice Dharma.

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