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A Life Beyond Anger

For the past several months, the focus at KMC NYC has been on exposing the truth about anger. Geshe-la says that of all the delusions, anger is the most harmful yet so much of our modern society honors and even encourages it. On March 18, more than 300 New Yorkers descended on our Center in Chelsea for our big kick-off event.

During the evening, Kadam Morten inspired us to become "scientists of our minds", and see for ourselves the deep extent to which anger controls our minds and our lives. He explained how anger is the source of so much of our suffering, and how we can start using the practice of meditation to reduce our reliance on anger, and eventually eradicate it from our minds altogether.

Our five-week series, designed to give people a deeper understanding of Buddha's teachings on anger, attracted a full house almost every week!

Dharma is flourishing in NYC, and by virtue of this, anger is not!


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