Leaving Anger Behind

Practical Advice from “How to Solve our Human Problems”

steve_55A2091 webwith Steve Krantz

Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:30pm
$15 | Free for Supporting Members
Drop-ins welcome | Pre-registration not required.

We all long for a life without problems. But it seems that every time we turn around, there they are. The question we need to be asking ourself is “How should I respond to this?” It is in our  response to the challenging people and situations that we so often default to anger and frustration.

We can change this.

Geshe Kelsang’s book “How to Solve our Human Problems” lays out both the source of the problem and the steps we can take to free ourself from it. In these classes, utilizing this wonderful text, Steve will be drawing on the wisdom of Buddha’s teachings on compassion and patience acceptance, so that we can begin responding to problems with a light, creative and more helpful mind. Everyone welcome.


Learning to Love

Meditation and Deepening our Love and Compassion

The heart of Buddha’s teachings is unconditional love and compassion. Once we have learned how to keep our hearts filled with concern for our fellow living beings we will experience an extraordinary sense of well-being and peace. More importantly, as our compassion deepens we become a rich source of inspiration for those around us.

The key to a meaningful life is kindness.  In exploring this topic in great depth, Geshe Kelsang’s acclaimed book, “Universal Compassion – Inspiring Solutions for Difficult Times” lays out the roadmap for transforming our day-to-day activities into opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and development. Weekly teachings, meditations and discussions – inspired by this text – will help you to engage with the the world with skill and confidence.

Everyone welcome.

About Kadampa Meditation Center NYC

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