This online class is available to anyone who would have intended to attend in person at KMC NYC if the Center was currently open.

Thursdays, 7:00 - 8:30pm

Transforming Grief

$15 per class, free for supporting members

Please note: there will be an opportunity for Q&A on Thursday July 9 at the end of the regular class

Transforming Grief Through Understanding What Happens When We Die

So many people are experiencing grief right now and all of us will eventually have to face the loss of loved ones, as well as our own death. The Buddhist understanding of death and dying is enormously beneficial. It is based on those who have directly experienced the indestructible nature of consciousness in meditation and has been affirmed through many generations of practitioners.

In this series Kadam Morten will explain the life-enhancing meditation on death. Gaining experience of this meditation will enable us to not only deal skillfully with our grief but also help those who are dying or have died. In particular it will allow us to acknowledge our own impermanence and transform the truth of our death into a life-enhancing energy that will empower us to truly make the most of our lives, to live and die joyfully and meaningfully.

June 11: How Acknowledging Death Enhances Life
June 18: What Happens When We Die
June 25: How We Can Help Those Who Have Died
July 2: The Power of Meditating on Death
July 9: Transforming Uncertainty into Spiritual Energy
July 16: How to Live and Die Joyfully


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