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The Courage to Love
5-week Series
with Kadam Morten

Mondays, starting June 17, 7:00 – 8:30pm
$15 / Free for members
Everyone welcome

This precious mind of love is the supreme method for
solving all problems and fulfilling all wishes.

– Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, How to Transform Your Life

Love is the currency of life, our most precious resource that enables us to find great meaning and accomplish true fulfillment. But to love authentically requires courage because it means letting go of that which holds us back. We become so used to being trapped in our limited view of our self; as someone who’s been betrayed, rejected or abandoned, for example, that this becomes our identity — who we think we really are — and that we can’t change.

And so the question is, do you have the courage to let go of your wounds, your sense of being stuck, your limitations? Do you have the courage to give yourself over to learning how to love authentically in order to grow and help others do the same?

Perhaps your answer right now is, no, I don’t. And even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t know how.


In this evening talk and guided meditation we will learn how.  Kadam Morten will introduce the methods taught by Buddha to guide us to recognize the extraordinary potential for growth and fulfillment that exists naturally within our mind. He will explain how wholeheartedly relating to our self and others from this perspective will produce great fulfillment and happiness.

Pure unconditional love never causes

any pain or worry but only peace and joy.

– Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Series Details

During this series on Monday nights, Kadam Morten will explore:

  • How to cultivate the courage we need to create authentic change
  • How we can use meditation to open ourselves to the healing power of love
  • How love enables us to transcend our limiting beliefs and views about ourself and others
  • How authentic love will empower us to make the most of our life

June 17: Why “Love” Fails Us
June 24: Authentic Love will Change You
July 1: Self Love is Not Selfish
July 8: Every Relationship can be Healed
July 15: Thriving in Adversity

Price: $15 per class, or sign up for all five classes in advance for $50 (save $25).

Everyone welcome!


This event with Kadam Morten is also offered at our Williamsburg Branch

Teacher: Kadam Morten

Kadam Morten is a senior disciple of renowned teacher and author Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. He is the National Spiritual Director and principal teacher at the largest meditation center in New York City (NYC Kadampa Meditation Center). Kadam Morten is greatly admired as a meditation teacher and is especially known for his clarity, humor and inspirational presentation of Dharma. His teachings are always practical and easy to apply to everyday life. Through his gentle and joyful approach and his peaceful example, he has helped many people find true happiness in their hearts.

Kadam Morten, National Spiritual Director& <br> Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Center New York City

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