spiritualitySpirituality in Buddhism

For Buddhists, faith in Buddha Shakyamuni is their spiritual life; it is the root of all Dharma realizations. If we have deep faith in Buddha we shall naturally develop the strong wish to practice his teachings. With this wish we shall definitely apply effort in our Dharma practice, and with strong effort we shall accomplish permanent liberation from the suffering of this life and countless future lives.

Buddhist Faith

The attainment of permanent liberation from suffering depends upon effort in our Dharma practice, which depends upon the strong wish to practice Dharma, which in turn depends upon deep faith in Buddha. Therefore we can understand that if we truly want to experience great benefit from our practice of Buddhism we need to develop and maintain deep faith in Buddha.

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Located in the heart of Chelsea, Kadampa Meditation Center NYC provides meditation classes and teachings throughout NYC and the greater New York area.


We offer evening meditation classes on Mondays, TuesdaysWednesdaysThursdays, and Fridays, and morning meditation classes on Tuesdays and Sundays that are suitable for newcomers. Our lunchtime meditations and after-work meditations are only a half-hour long and a great way to get a taste of meditation. We also have monthly introductory classes, Awakening the Heart and How to Meditate, as well as regular day and weekend meditation courses and retreats.