In addition to his teaching responsibilities as Resident Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Center NYC, Kadam Morten teaches and guides retreats regularly throughout the United States and Europe. Kadam Morten serves as National Spiritual Director for the Eastern United States, giving empowerments and teachings at Dharma Celebrations. Listed below is his national/international teaching schedule for 2017.

Florida Dharma Celebration

Mid-Atlantic Dharma Celebration

March 18-20 at KMC Maryland, Baltimore

Post NKT Spring Festival Retreat

Public Talk in Berlin

Public Talk in Glasgow

Post NKT Summer Festival Retreat

 Empathy and Emptiness Rocky Mountain Retreat

Northeast Dharma Celebration

Southern Dharma Celebration

Post NKT Fall Festival Retreat

  • Oct 13 – 20, 2o17 | Kailash International Retreat Center | More info: www.kailash.org