New Year New You

Jan 23, 2019


Do you believe you can really change?

Every new year brings with it the promise of new possibilities. We set our sights high and often commit to multiple big and bold new year’s resolutions. This, we decide, will be the year we finally become the person we always knew we could be. Then January rolls into February and March…By then most of us have given up on the dreams we imagined for ourselves only months earlier.

Why does this seem to happen to so many of us? Why do we struggle to create real change in ourselves? According to Buddha, it’s because we hold a view of ourselves as fixed and unchanging. When we try to change while holding on to a sense of ourselves as fixed, it’s impossible to sustain.

The good news is, by changing the way we view ourselves, we can make deep and lasting change a real possibility.

This is what our New Year, New You course is all about. On January 5, over 100 people joined us to learn the Buddhist perspective on how we shift our perceptions of ourself in order to enable meaningful transformation.

If you missed us this year, we’ll no doubt be revisiting this exact topic in January next year!

New Year New You at Kadampa Meditation Center NYC

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