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Training to be a Bodhisattva

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Please note: Friday GP is a replay of the Thursday GP class   

Continuing our exploration of the meditations that make up the Mahayana path to enlightenment.

When we allow deep love and compassion into our heart it changes everything. It leads to the question, how can we become more effective in bringing happiness to others and removing their suffering? Buddha’s answer to this question is startling: We need to become a Buddha. When the desire to progress towards our own enlightenment arises within us, we become a Bodhisattva, a person bound for enlightenment motivated by universal love and compassion.

Of course to become an actual Bodhisattva will take awhile. But the training to be a Bodhisattva consists of series of practices known as the 6 perfections. Incorporating these trainings into our life will help us to improve gradually all the qualities we need, such as acceptance, joy, concentration and wisdom, that will enable to truly nurture our extraordinary spiritual potential, our Buddha nature.

February 5: What the Bodhisattva Gives to Others
February 12: The Bodhisattva’s Code
February 19: How to Defeat Your Own Anger
February 26: Life of Joy and Purpose
March 5: Improving Your Concentration and Wisdom
March 12: How to Meditate on the Emptiness of the Body
March 19: How to Meditate on the Emptiness of the Self


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